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Our Services are as below :                                                          Our Products are as below :

Connectivity (LAN/MAN/WAN)

   Structured Cabling


   Lease Line


Desktop Installation / Data recovery

   Windows 9x/ ME /NT/ XP / 2000 /2003

   Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.0/ 5.0

   Fedora Core 8 / 9

Network Setups, Security, Server setup

   Windows NT, 2000 Domain Servers, 2003       Server

   Oracle 8.0/ 8i Client/ Server For Windows   NT, Windows 2003 and Novell Netware     Platforms

   Arc Server IT Workgroup and Enterprise For    Windows NT / 2003

   Terminal Server on Windows 2000 Server

   Windows Linux Networking

   Linux LTSP Setup

   Mail Servers


   Compaq Proliant


   HP Netservers

   IBM Netfinity Servers Setups

Desktop Environment

   Assembled PC

   LG MyPC





   System Integration on Intel and AMD

Mobile Environment

   Compaq Laptops

   IBM Laptops

Network Environment

   Windows 2000

   Windows 2003

   RHEL 5.0

   Novell Netware

   Fedora 8 / 9


   Deskjet Printers

   Laser Printers


   Passbook Printers

   Barcode Readers

   USB Devices